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J.C.Spires: Reviews

". . . a deeply personal style. . . "
****************************************************************************John Sollenberger - Pasadena Weekly (May 5, 2012)

The sound is unique, and the arrangements are very original. I like it!

****************************************Jack Sheldon - World reknowned jazz trumpeter & vocalist. Leader of the west coast jazz scene. (Sep 3, 2009)
J.C. Spires is a blues balladeer of the modern condition, exploring darkness while moving toward the light. Over time, he and his band have developed a tonal alchemy that goes beyond musical notes & harmonies, a synthesis in which the individual instruments fuse into a radiant whole.
*****************************************Lee Ringuette - Emmy nominated Music Director (Sep 3, 2009)
" A versatile singer/songwriter whose soulful mix of pop/rock and blues makes for an emotionally resonant and hauntingly beautiful sound. Sometimes earthy, sometimes ethereal, but always deep."
"There's something in this world that differentiates one person from the crowd or makes someone stand out from all the rest that I call the magic. J.C.Spires has the Magic."
Dorothea Bradley - kppc t.v. Pasadena,CA (Aug 23, 2005)
"[J.C.] Spires sings the blues with deep emotion. He has established himself as a versatile singer/songwriter, and guitarist, offering the listener original blues music and lyrics evoking emotional and uplifting sentiment with a mellow resonance."
Maria Gonzalez - Glendale News Press/L.A.Times (Sep 7, 2002)
"The sound of J.C.Spires "Deep" is like a long drive on Route 66. Hearing it is feeling it! From the glorious feel good moments, to the pain and sorrow of a broken heart, the storytelling is amazing, and the music is impeccably authentic. A must have in your collection."
Jeremy Yeremian - Producer/Programmer Los Angeles,CA (Jun 5, 2006)
The CD is filled with touching, moving, and soulful passages of true blues. The music flows with such a fine sense of direction that he makes the voice fill the moment
[giving the listener] real feelings of being there in person. It's a hard thing to do on a recording, but J.C. has done it to perfection. You won't regret dropping the dime on this CD if you're a true blues fan.