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J.C.Spires: News

Studio/recording update******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* - May 26, 2016

Preproduction is in full swing for the biggest, and best recording project I have ever been blessed to undertake. The cast and crew are coming together, and the songwriting and arrangements are progressing nicely. There is much to be excited about and grateful for. I thank Jesus for the wonderful opportunity that lies before us. We embrace the challenges and pray for blessings. Stay tuned!

Farewell to Jax Bar and Grill*************************************************************************************************************** - April 2, 2016

We are sorry to announce Jax Bar and Grill officially closed it's doors on March 21st, 2016. Jax has been our home performance venue for many years, and played an instrumental role in the development and maturation of the J.C. Spires Band sound. Our sincere thanks go out to Annet Peairs, Jeff and Rosie Williams, the dearly departed Jack Williams, who started it all, and our many friends and fans who have supported us through the years. Also to the many musical artists, and hard working staff that made Jax such a great place to be a part of.

Nick Stone on drums and percussion!*********************************************************************************************** - January 7, 2015

The J.C. Spires Band is greatly pleased to welcome Nick Stone to our ensemble!  Nick brings a rich and fine background to the stage. Recently returned from a stint with the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic in Durban South Africa, Nick also studied percussion performance at Rutgers. As you might imagine he adds a depth of understanding to what the song needs, and an ability to follow through with a broad palate of colors. 

New J.C. Spires album mixed by Jimmy Hoyson - November 10, 2014

We are excited to announce that our new upcoming cd has been mixed by the great L.A. studio engineer Jimmy Hoyson! Jimmy's reputation for excellence is well established in the music industry. His list of credits includes Michael Jackson, Ben Harper, Celine Dion, Quincy Jones, Lou Reed, Ry Cooder, Mavis Staples, My Chemical Romance, James Taylor, Jewel, the Goo Goo Dolls and many, many more. The hard work, dedication and attention to detail that Jimmy has put into this record has been something to behold. He is continuing to work in collaboration with producer John Molino in preparing this new song cycle for mastering by Warner Brothers mastering engineer Scott Levitan.

Now appearing Every Tuesday night at Jax in Glendale!! - October 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!! - December 25, 2013

Vic Iorillo photographs of the J.C. Spires Band - September 13, 2012

In March 2012 photographer Vic Iorillo took some amazing photographs of the J.C.Spires Band onstage and after the show. Please take some time and enjoy the work of this talented photographer now featured on the photo page. Thank you for a great job Victor!!

J.C.spires in the Pasadena weekly - September 10, 2012

". . . a deeply personal style. . ." John Sollenberger, Pasadena weekly, May 5, 2012

Meet the Players - September 2, 2012

Meet the Players!

Thank YOU! ******************************* - December 27, 2011

The J.C.Spires Band would like to invite you to come out for our last gig of the year this Wed. night Dec.28th @ Jax in Glendale. We'll be onstage from 7 to 11. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great support you have given us this year. It has been a great period for the band. In 2011 we took major strides forward in the recording project we have been working on. We also welcomed in the talent, grace and beauty of Jessica Chanse on vocals, and added some new originals to our live show. We will continue to bring to the stage and the studio a "spare, dramatic, and understated" sound by sticking to our core principles of "time, tone, passion and silence". As we blast into the year of 2012 we pray for all of God's blessings to be with each and every one of you!

Jessica Chanse joins the J.C. Spires Band - November 16, 2011

The J.C.Spires Band would like to officially welcome Jessica Chanse to our band. Jessica joins us with her incredible talent as a backing and lead vocalist both onstage and in the recording studio. We encourage all of our fans and supporters to come and hear this beautiful and amazing singer pour her heart and soul into "Rollin and Tumblin" or "You Got to Move". Truly one of the best and most natural blues singers to show up on the scene in a long long time!

J.C.Spires Band on youtube ************************************* - May 7, 2009

We have recently posted 6 videos online. Log into and search J.C.Spires to see them all.

J.C.Spires Band at Conway Recording Studio! - December 29, 2008

Beginning on Sunday Dec. 28th J.C. began a 3 day stint at L.A.'s premier recording facility. With Tyler "the rock" Pedersen on acoustic bass, Craig Pilo on drum, and John Molino producing, we set about the task of bringing the songs to life.

Conway Recording has been the birthplace of many legendary sessions over the years and it's not hard to see why. It's an absolutely first class studio designed to bring out the best in anyone whose serious about their art.

We thank God for His generous blessing in helping this fortuitous opportunity come our way. We also thank our friends who have prayed for our endeavor, and John Molino whose hard work made this possible. Last but not least a special thanks to our Executive Producer, without whom much of this would not have happened.

John Molino steps in as Producer. - October 19, 2007

Los Angeles studio veteran John Molino has joined J.C. at the creative helm in working on the new album.
We were fortunate to catch John on the heels of his departure from Capital Records and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.
In addition to 27 years of experience working as a studio engineer with some of the biggest names in the industry, John has brought a great work ethic
and an intuitive perception
for capturing the essence of J.C.'s unique artistry. We look forward to a long and productive creative relationship.

Angela Carole Brown and Margaret Love grace the stage with the J.C.Spires Band - March 6, 2007

Amazing jazz and pop singer Angela Carole Brown was called from the audience to sing a number with us at the March 6th show. The song we did together was the old folk standard "Motherless Child" and Angela, you moved the crowd with your creative, soulful rendition. Come back anytime.
As if that wasn't enough we then had Margaret Love, with her gregarious personality, and powerful R & B pipes come up and croon on the great Leiber- Stoller rock and roll composition "Kansas City".
It was a special night for all who were there.

Dan Graziani on violin , harmonica, and backing vocals! - February 6, 2007

A regular feature lately at J.C.Spires Band shows has been the immensely talented Dan Graziani. Poetic phrasing, lightening speed, and a big heart are ever-present in Dan's performing, and a wonderful blessing for us as we continue to bring our dark, tender, and bluesy sound to fruition.

Brophy Dale guitarist for the Lee Rocker Band sits in on Jan.2nd Jax gig! - January 5, 2007

Thank you to Brophy Dale, the great roots guitarist for joining us onstage at our Janurary gig at Jax. If you haven't seen or heard Brophy play, put it on your "to do" list. Imagination, taste, and soul are just a few of the qualities he brings to the stage. You're always welcome Broph!

New Recording Studio! - October 26, 2006

Seven long months have passed since the band laid down the basic rythym and vocal tracks for our new album, but with the successful transfer of all those audio files from Dan McCoy's studio to my new home studio we're finally moving forward.
Began the first guitar over-dubs today on a new track titled "Bring Her Down Boogie" and it's the hottest, rockingest song we've ever done.
Have begun pre-production work with the great cellist, Peggy Baldwin ( E.L.O.), and of course Dan Graziani on violin.
One final note, the new working title for this dynamic upcoming album is now "Barstow".

" Farewell to a Rose" working title to the new album. - June 16, 2006

Creative decisions, backing vocals, solo's, and arrangements are slowly developing on the new album. The working title, for those interested in such things, is "Farewell to a Rose"

J.C.Spires on the radio in Europe! - June 16, 2006

Ruer Michel, disc jockey for Radio Aria's "Pulsions 70"
blues program in Longwy, France, and Przemek Draheim of American Blues program in Poland, have both recently contacted me with much enthusiasm about playing "Deep" on their shows. These broadcasts together are heard in Eastern France, Belgium, Luxembourg, South Germany, and Poland.
Also have seen sales of "Deep" in Engalnd and on the East Coast of the USA. Encouraging signs as we work to complete the new record!

Dennis McCoy, Photographer - May 22, 2006

My deepest gratitude to you Dennis, for the "Shot". That brilliant and amazing photograph that graces the home page of this website, as well as the cover of my first cd release titled "Deep". Working with so little, you captured so much.

In the Studio! - May 19, 2006

Four years after completing my first album we've finally begun the work of making a follow up record.
From the results of the initial tracks we've laid down, all I can say is it was worth the wait.
With Tyler Pedersen on acoustic bass, Ron Felton on drums and percussion, and myself on acoustic guitar we tracked ten songs in one long session.
Recording at the home studio of my dear friend, and sound engineer extraordinaire, Daniel McCoy, turned out to be a revelatory experience.
We recorded live, acoustically, in a home living room, with no headphones. Just a whole lot of soul, and more than a liitle yankee ingenuity.
Yes, there's alot of work still to be done, but if life has taught me anything so far, it's that patience is a virtue. Stay tuned for updates as things progress!

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