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J.C.Spires: Links

Tone Mesa
Sound design and Audio production by Daniel McCoy. Excellence in the creative and dynamic placement of your audio needs in the stereophonic sound spectrum.
Christian Assembly Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
A great church whose website offers many links and opportunities for connection in a dynamic Christian community.
Artwork by Steven Simon
Thought provoking, post modern, industrial, hopeful, apocolyptic, visionary observations on the need for a more humane, spiritually centered society.
Living Room Ministries
Providing dignity and quality of life to people in Kenya affected by HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnesses.
Kids Hope USA
What is Kid's Hope? In 1993, the Commission on Children At-Risk found that children who have one stable adult in their lives do better in school and make better life choices. Kids Hope USA was created partially in response to these findings. Kids Hope is a national program--active in over 500 schools and 30 states --that shares a passion to help America’s most vulnerable children experience the “hope and a future” promised in Jeremiah 29:11.